Our vision can be encapsulated in our corporate philosophy and motto of “building a better tomorrow”. Our goal is to be a commonly used name in the General Contracting industry. We want each of our 3 divisions to prosper to international levels:

  •  General Contracting        

  • Property Restoration         

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets  

We want to be a publicly traded company one day, with big market shares in our communities. We want to tangibly contribute regional & national developments by way of key infrastructure projects. We want to evolve contemporary benchmarks in construction.


In 2008 Polat Construction was founded by Canpolat Sahin. From humble beginnings, Polat Construction began operating for a handful of friends & neighbours who required small renovations. Word of mouth spread from neighbours, to friends of friends, to colleagues, to businesses, to large corporations. The scale of our work significantly increased, but not our mindset – we always have, and always will provide quality workmanship for fair market prices. From working in Canpolat’s basement, to the first office acquisition in 2013, we are continuously working very hard to expand & grow. We now have an extensive portfolio, with a few very notable projects.


We have been servicing the Ottawa & Toronto region for a few years now, and going very strong, picking up momentum with every day. Our approach is very different than most companies in the industry. We value and focus on our diversity to serve the city we love. We have a lot of multiculturalism on our team, and we have implemented an approach that combines the best of all of our cultures. Why do we have to operate like everyone else? We don’t! We pride ourselves on taking customer relationships to new levels. We look at our business like we do at life. We want work to be as enjoyable as life in general. We want our employees to come to work happy. Likewise, we want our clients to be happy. We pride ourselves on delivering value for your money, with excellent return on investments. We strive to find a mutually beneficial business arrangement every time. We can envision, design, and construct the most unique & magnificent landmarks and edifices.


Our vision is to make the world a better place to live – to transform and uplift the quality of life of each and every individual that comes in contact with us. Adhering to our legacy of quality work, we at Polat Construction Company constantly endeavor to offer the best value at the best price. We want to be there for our clients during a project, as well as provide after sales support. We want to make lifelong relationships with our clients, not just a one-time sale. With more than a thousand happy families and businesses, we believe in listening to our customers and catering to their specific & diverse requirements. We value having a wide of host of budget options, which are all built on the highest quality standards. It is our lifelong passion to create quality end results that stand the test of time. With every passing moment, we look to reassert the stamp of quality in each of our projects. The satisfaction of our customers comes first, now and always. It is what we strive for. It is our 24/7 endeavor.


Being fully committed to building a better world, we are proud to work on ecologically friendly initiatives.

Geothermal Power: Utilizing the Earth's internal heat for energy production.

Solar Energy: One of the most accessible & fastest growing renewable resources today.

Wind Energy: Let us harvest the power of wind through turbines and windmills.

Hydropower: Using water as a source of strong, renewable energy.

We encourage self-sustaining green technologies. We push to set precedents to improve our
environment with eco-friendly projects. To protect and preserve the environment, we use ethically sourced products & material. We have recycling programs in place. We negotiate with vendors for bulk orders specifically to reduce packaging. Enjoy a breath of fresh air by working with us.


Integrity – We believe in clear direct communication. We will never cut corners regardless of budget. Whether the news is good or bad, we are always upfront and honest.

Transparency – We pride ourselves on being open for our clients. From detailed quotations, to our publicly available employee screening processes, we are proud of our organization and welcome a thorough review. We don’t believe in hiding anything from our clients.

Honesty – We believe in continuous long term business as opposed to a one time big sale. We are in the business of making long lasting relationships. We believe in charging a fair fee for honest work.